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Our Projects

Education Scholarships


We aim to get as many children from underprivileged backgrounds into schools to give them the best opportunity to learn and grow. Our scholarship entails school fees, uniform and equipment for children aged 4 upwards. A scholarship costs circa £70 and can fund a child's entire primary and secondary education. 


To date we have raised enough funding to provide scholarships for 27 children to attend their local school in Akosombo Ghana. 

Health Care

An agile mind needs a healthy body so we need to ensure the children are in tip top shape. The foundation works with local communities to ensure kids are all registered to public healthcare and deliver medicine like immunisation jabs and medical treatments.


To date we have registered 85 kids to the public healthcare system and immunised 50 kids against polio. This is in leiu of Alem becoming an Ambassador for Rotary International's End Polio Now project.


A big achievement has been funding life-saving surgery for a beautiful young girl - Venuyne. She contract a bone degrading disease called Ostomyelitis when she was 2 years old. We have now funded 3 rounds of surgery to save her leg. She is now on the road to recovery and attending school!



Fresh Drinking Water

Old Akrade village desperately needs access to clean water to support its 75 households. Right now there is no direct access to fresh drinking water which is causing various health issues throughout the village. The only water resource is a nearby river which is not drinkable without the appropriate filtering.


A recent survey conducted by the Ghana Water Company found that their infrastructure would not have the capacity to pump the water the distance required to reach the village. Therefore sustainable water supply can only be sourced via the river or the subterranean water table.


There are two solutions available to secure a clean and sustainable water supply to the village, the first being an immediate solution, the latter being more sustainable in the long-term.


  • Phase 1: Immediate solution: Filtration Initiative


Utilising the local river it is imperative we improve the ability to transport and filter that water. We have forged partnerships with foundations specialising in this area:


Fresh20 have a mission to reduce poverty, improve health and prevent death by enabling the provision of clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes globally. They have patented military grade water filtration units that remove 99.999% of bacteria from any water and last a life time. We  have so far managed to supply fresh drinking water filters to 32 househoulds and we aim to supply every family with fresh water. Do you want to buy a filter for a family?



  • Phase 2: Longterm Solution Borehole and Filter Plant Project


Digging a new borehole for the village is the ultimate goal. Following subterranean surveys, it has been confirmed that there is sufficient water available to provide sustainable supply to the village for years to come but will require purification to ensure it is clean and healthy for drinking.


Infrastructure costs have been locally quoted and are as follows:




Digging and sealing of Borehole   £5,140.00

2 x Poly Water Storage Tank       £1,617.00

Water Treatment Plant              £7,748.00

TOTAL                                  £13,055.00


Investing in this project will secure a sustainable water source for the village for the foreseeable future. Clean water is the basis to social and economic prosperity of any community. Your donation can help Old Akrade Village thrive. These children need clean drinking water to be happy healthy little champions! 


Refurbish Old Akrade School

The local school is in a state of disrepair! Classrooms don't have roofs, building foundations are cracked and there is no running water at all!


Currently the school enrolments sit at 188 and are expecting to grow as part of greater campaign to encourage and support pre-primary and primary education for all children in the village so it is crucial we have facilities that provide a healthy and productive environment for greater learning.


Alem has met with the community leaders and come to an agreement over who will be contracted for the project following a local construction company conducting a survey of the school. The overarching costs are as follows for the refurbishment:


Carpentry           £8,173.59

Block Work         £2,156.86

Reinforcement     £347.95

Electricals          £803.92

Painting            £1936.54

Provisional Sum  £1432.79

Grand Total        £15,760.74


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