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Alem Mumuni's Incredible Journey


Alem developed Poliomyelitis in his right leg at the age of two. He crawled for nine years until he eventually learnt to walk with the help of a wooden stick. Born into a peasant family, his parents decided to use their farming profits to give Alem access to education and a brighter future.  As a teenager, Alem’s talents were endless, learning to swim and also play soccer with the Ghanaian National Amputee Soccer Team.  Alem first learnt to ride a bicycle to help speed up his long daily journey to school and so his passion for cycling began! Alem has decided to use his talent for cycling as a vehicle to help change the negative perceptions towards disability in Ghana and to inspire a new generation of disabled athletes.


Ghana's First Ever Paralympic Cyclist

Alem set out to be the first ever Ghanaian Paracyclist to compete at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In July 2011 Alem moved to Old Akradi village in Akasombo, where he embarked on an intensive training program in an attempt to qualify for the London 2012 Games in just 9 months. His coach was 23 year old Alexandra Main from Devon, UK, who volunteered to support his dream. With a background in sports performance, Alex took on the challenge with very limited resources. Alex coached Alem and three other athletes to Paralympic A Standards making history for Great Britain and Ghana. Alem and his team were the first ever Paralympians to represent Ghana without wildcard entry.​

Dreams Shattered @ London 2012......

Sadly Alem contracted chickenpox in the Olympic village a week before his time trial event, shattering his chances of success. Courageously he still competed to ensure that Ghana was represented on the world stage. Since the London Games, Alem has gone on to be ranked 2nd in the world for his C2 class.

Today, due to a lack of funding and therefore an inability to compete in events, Alem has slipped from his 2nd place ranking. He is now ranked 19th in the world in his C2 class. With 2 years to go until Rio 2016 Alem is motivated to re-claim a top 5 ranking and win the first ever Paralympic medal for Ghana!

All Eyes On Rio 2016

WE DID IT! Alem has qualified for Rio 2016 Paralympic Games against all the odds. You can see him in action in Rio and cheer him on.

Follow Alem's races live on Channel 4

C2 3000m Individual Pursuit Qual. Friday 9th September UK time 15.34-16.13

C2 3000m Individual Pursuit Final. Friday 9th September UK time 22.25-22.40

Road C2 Time Trial Wednesday 14th September UK time 12.00-12.20

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