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Alem Mumuni Builds Up Points In Madrid For Rio 2016

As other athletes lift the flag of Ghana high at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, Ghana and Africa C2 Paracycling Champion, Alem Mumuni, headed for Segovia, Spain for the UCI World Cup to build up points towards the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

Alem Mumuni, who was the only Black to participate in the competition that is one of the only two UCI point-building events in the year for qualification to the Olympic Games, took part in the Time Trial and the Road Race where he made a significant mark for Ghana and a case for his qualification to the 2016 Olympic Games.

Alem, the first Ghanaians cyclist to participate in the Olympic Games (London 2012), is expected to gain more points in upcoming Union Cyclyste International (UCI) events to make his qualification to the Olympic Games certain, instead of relying on the Wild Card to make it to the competition.

His participation in this event, just like the other ones in which he competed in the US and Canada, was characterized by serious challenges that nearly marred his trip to Spain.

Alem made it to the competition after some initial challenges that he managed to overcome. Speaking in a telephone interview, Alem Mumuni expressed his profound gratitude to the Pippas Health Centre, who offered him the chance to use their gym, Rotary International, Kriticalmass, A.Dot based in London, and Alexandra Main and Alistair Lamond, the brain behind this trip for their support.

He also extended his appreciation to the leadership of Alem Foundation and Black Star player Majeed Warris, as well as his fans, who have supported and continue to support his dream of using paracycling as a platform for changing wrong perceptions about Persons with Disability (PWDs) and opening educational avenues for children and the less-privileged in society. He is now waiting for the UCI to publish the points he was able to add up through this event.

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