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Meet Alem Mumuni

Alem is one of life's most inspiring people. He has a goal to leave a lasting legacy that empowers and inspires others and demonstrates that disability is not an inability. Alem developed Poliomyelitis in his right leg at the age of two. He crawled for nine years until he eventually learnt to walk with the help of a wooden stick. Overcoming life's obstacles, Alem later learnt to ride a bicycle. He discovered a passion for cycling and went on to became 3 times African World Champion. In 2012 Alem embarked on a remarkable journey to try and qualify for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Alem made history by becoming Ghana's first ever Paralympic Cyclist to compete at an Olympic Games. Unfortunately his campaign was cut short after contracting chickenpox during the games.


Alem's paralympic set back further fueled his fire to become a decorated olympian and an inspiring humanitarian. With a passion to change perceptions and create opportunities for the young underprivileged children of Ghana, Alem and Alex created the Alem Foundation in September 2012.

In 2016, following four years of perseverance and training, Alem qualified for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. He continues to build his legacy and transform lives via the Alem Foundation. Alem's determination and ambition remain the fuel behind the foundation. 



Meet Alexandra Main

Alex is a qualified Personal Trainer and studied Sports and Exercise Science with Management at Loughborough University. As a keen sportswoman, Alex played competitive netball for Loughborough University. At the age of 23, passionate about sports performance and helping others, she decided to embark on a remarkable journey by moving to Ghana to coach and develop the first ever Ghanian Paralympic team. In doing so she created history as Britain’s youngest ever female Paralympic coach and by successfully leading the team to qualify for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


Alex coached Alem for over 15 months and during this time was captivated by Alem’s passion and humility towards others. When she discovered Alem had set up a day school to educate and support the village children, she was inspired and driven to support him in any way possible. Alex and Alem continue to develop the foundation and change the lives of others. Alex is currently working as a Personal Trainer in London and runs the foundation alongside her professional career.


Meet Alistair Lamond

Alistair Lamond has a background of experience in corporate finance and more recently in P2P finance as a Business Development Manager. A friend of Alex’s, he was inspired by Alem and Alex’s journey in Ghana and was compelled to work with them so that together they could change and transform children’s lives in a honest and ethical direct-to-source manner.


Alistair aspires to see the foundation flourish into a reputed charity that delivers grass-roots health and welfare to children throughout Ghana whilst supporting the ambitions of Alem on his journey to challenge and change perceptions.



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